LIAM – Maria Scientia

A Research Line in Maritime Affairs – LIAM sponsored by the scientific area of European Studies at the Institute for Political Studies (IEP) of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), co-funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

A pioneering project to study the sea and its potential through the prism of Social Sciences and Humanities.

We favour the establishment of a knowledge network with other institutions of different kinds and purposes, rather than setting up physical structures with a closed framework.

We prefer to set up inter-institutional cooperation agreements to enable research enrichment to develop, as well as the transfer of knowledge, creating an online knowledge platform where researchers can find a space for reflection, discussion, learning and complementarity,bridging the gap between European Studies and the various scientific fields related to marine studies.


  • To promote research on maritime affairs at Master’s, PhD and post-Doctoral level, jointly or individually, that encourages the development of knowledge in this field;
  • To promote the spread of knowledge produced in various national and international scientific and academic communities; 
  • To promote the practical application of the knowledge obtained, by linking to the sector being studied, in Portugal and Europe, particularly through cooperating institutions.

The line of research falls into four scientific areas – The International Law of the Sea, the Sea Economy, Geopolitics and Ocean Forecasting, as well as Public Policy rooted in the Sea, emphasising integrated, multidisciplinary approaches.


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