Social responsibility

MARE 1860

Through the MARE 1860 initiative we compromise to act with social responsibility.

Through a series of initiatives developed along the Portuguese coast, we intend to make use of scientific knowledge and management acquired in the MARE STARTUP ecosystem in favour of support for micro and small businesses in the maritime area.


  • Actions as a roadshow, community outreach initiatives, projects of inclusion by the sea.
  • Conferences and seminars on Policy, Planning, Management and on Maritime Economy, with special attention on the role of municipalities and local businesses.



Encourage business innovation with local events, organized independently, which brings people together to share experiences like happens in TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).  The intention is to carry out this initiative on an annual basis, bringing together a range of stakeholders of maritime economy in a more informal and creative way, encouraging interdisciplinary sharing. At the same time, the event will also serve as a “Think thank” and as a way to display the most innovative industry initiatives.