MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre is a multipolar RD&I Centre, presently with seven poles, six of them located at higher education campus in Portuguese mainland, respectively University of Coimbra (MARE-UCoimbra), Polytechnic of Leiria (MARE-IPLeiria), University of Lisbon (MARE-ULisboa), NOVA University of Lisbon (MARE-NOVA), ISPA (MARE-ISPA), and University of Évora (MARE-UÉvora), plus one pole in the Madeira archipelago (MARE-Madeira).

MARE combines expertise allowing approaching scientifically and technologically all types of aquatic systems, from river basins and associated landscapes, to estuaries, coastal, and large marine ecosystems.

MARE integrates two research groups with an ecosystem orientation: (1) River Basins, and (2) Coastal Systems and Ocean.

MARE includes seven Thematic Lines of Research, supported by one or both Research Groups, allowing the exchange of ideas, knowledge, methodologies, applications and dissemination within MARE. The Thematic Research Lines are the following:

  • Hydraulics, Hydrology and Sedimentary Environments;
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning;
  • Aquaculture and Fisheries;
  • Environmental Risk;
  • Biotechnology and Resources Valorisation;
  • Technological Tools for Exploration and Monitoring;
  • Governance and Literacy.


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